Thursday, May 12, 2011

A new class of airline seating

Delta’s entry into the growing mid priced Economy Comfort” class.

On June first, Delta will initiate a new class called Economy Comfort. These seats will have an additional four inches of legroom, some free booze, priority boarding, free HBO programming on the seatback TVs, and about 50 percent greater angle recline. Initially, they’ll be available on select long-haul intercontinental routes.

Beginning May 9th, Delta joined other carriers in offering a middle class of service. When you book an economy ticket, and one of these seats is available, you may upgrade, for a fee. Prices will vary, but, you can expect about an $ 80 fee (+/-) for a one-way East Coast to Europe flight.

These seats may be offered as “free upgrades” to members of their frequent flier Diamond and Platinum Medallion clients.

Find full details on Economy Comfort on Delta's site.

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Safest destinations in Mexico

The safest destinations in Mexico? There are more than you might think


By Jayne Clark, USA TODAY

By Jayne Clark, USA TODAY
Poor Mexico. The country is almost three times the size of Texas, but given the bad press, you'd think you're guaranteed to get caught in drug cartel crossfire just about anywhere~